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Hello! I'm Rolf Inge Holden,
Founder and Conversion Rockstar.

Thanks to the insight and conversion optimization from ConversionLab, we were able to increase conversion rates threefold...and still improving. I recommend the ConversionLab approach if you would like to see clicks turn into growth in sales.

Ole Kristian Hansen, Danske Bank

Use our expertise to design effective landing pages. Once we've designed and built your landing page, we help you optimize and test in order to make it perform even better.

We give you increased results – every time!

Step 1 is to define your goal. It could be to get leads, subscriber signups and more. We use increase vs your current conversion rate as a baseline to define success.

1 Define Goal

Step 3 is where the magic happens. We always launch two versions of your landing page to run A/B split tests to find the best performer. Once we do we create a new challenger.

3 Test & Improve

Step 2 is to create the external landing page. We design your page, write the copy, code and implement in Unbounce. All you need to focus on is managing your new leads.

2 Design & Build

Our Proven Process

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Danske Bank wanted more leads on the traffic they were getting from online ads. We created a new landing page and work continuously to improve the effect. A/B testing gave 91% increase in conversion rates on one test alone! More leads for Danske Bank – and better return on investment.

See how Danske Bank increased conversion rates by 91 percent


We help you get more leads by creating and managing high performing landing pages.

Get higher conversion rates on landing pages now


We help you with external landing pages designed for one specific goal. You’ll get higher conversion rates and in return.

Boost Effect

Together we define your goals. We design, write copy and launch using Unbounce so you can focus on growing your business. Fast.

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Our proven process for optimization with A/B-testing will give you high effect on your landing pages. Simply put – get more leads on your current traffic.

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